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Steel Thrie-Beam Guardrail (Highway Guardrail Barrier)

Thrie-Beam Guardrails are essentially two w-beam shaped structures side by side to form a large single structure. When compared to w-beam guardrails, the thrie-beam safety barrier design is stronger and can withstand larger impact forces.

We use only the finest quality raw materials (Q235B and Q345B steel) to construct these highway guardrail barriers. They undergo surface treatments (zinc and PVC coating) to increase corrosion resistance.

Specifications of the Steel Thrie-Beam Guardrail
Shape: three waves
Material: Q235B, Q345B, etc.
Surface: hot dipped galvanized steel, aluminum coating, PVC coating
Standard: AASHTO M 180, EN ISO 1461, JT/T 281-2007, or other international standards.

Thrie-beam guardrails available
Depending on the surface treatment, we classify these steel thrie-beam guardrails into three types:
1. Hot dipped galvanized (zinc coated)
2. Aluminum coated
3. PVC coated types
Three wave guardrails are built in different shapes and sizes depending on the location of their installation. We produce straight and curved thrie-beam guardrails.

1. Stronger structure and higher impact resistance compared to w-beam barriers.
2. Steel thrie-beam guardrails show great structural integrity even in impact tests with large vehicles.
3. Premium steel structure made from high quality materials (Q235B, Q345B), plated with anti-corrosion zinc or aluminum coating.

1. Thrie-beam guardrails are economical installations that can help prevent vehicles from running off the road.
2. They are often used as roadside barriers for transition to high speed roads.

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