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Guardrail Delineator for Traffic Control

Butterfly delineators and delineator posts are two kinds of guardrail delineators which are often used for traffic control. Both contain guardrail reflectors, and are intended make roadside objects visible.

The butterfly delineator consists of reflective material, reflector brackets and the fastener. The reflective sheets come in various shapes, including trapezoidal, rectangular, and circular. For installation, slip this guardrail delineator under the bolt on the guardrail and secure it to the guardrail post via the bracket.

Uses for Butterfly Delineators
Guardrail delineators are commonly used roadway safety devices which are installed in tunnels, on bridges, and highways, providing visibility during the night by reflecting car headlights. This reflective highway marker is necessary for winding roads and mountain roads, serving as a warning device to reduce road accidents.

Model: 50*70*120
Material: Galvanized sheet + acrylic

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