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Highway Safety Components

    1. Guardrail Post

      Guardrail posts determine the impact performance of a roadside barrier system. We produce guardrails and highway safety components that are manufactured to the highest standards.

    1. Guardrail Offset Block

      These PVC coated or galvanized steel blocks are installed between the guardrail post and the rail to increase the effective cushioning in case of collision. The guardrail spacer blocks are made using galvanized steel.

    1. Guardrail Terminal EndGuardrail terminal ends were designed to prevent guardrails from penetrating vehicles that collide with the ends of roadside barriers. Barrier systems require well designed terminal ends to avoid any dangerous situations.
    1. Guardrail Delineator

      Butterfly delineators and delineator posts are two kinds of guardrail delineators which are often used for traffic control. Both contain guardrail reflectors, and are intended make roadside objects visible.

    1. Plate WasherThe purpose of a guardrail plate washer is three-fold: to reduce friction between the fastener and the fastened item, to prevent slipping, and to minimize stress.