Tong'an Traffic Project Co., Ltd.

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Contact (Supervisor): Harry Qiu

Partner Examples

Tong'an has established itself as a professional highway guardrail manufacturer. Roadside barriers are useful for keeping roads safe anywhere in the world. Our highway safety products have been adopted in Chile, Kuwait, Italy, Qatar, South Africa, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Myanmar, Colombia, Brazil, Russia, and Thailand.

  • Case 1
    In 2014, an American client, visited our factory and signed a contract for a 4500MT order.
  • Case 2
    In 2013, a Chilean client specialized in highway projects met us at the Inter Traffic Convention, and then visited our factory.
  • Case 3
    In 2013, our sales team visited the Ministry of Construction Public Works of Myanmar where we discussed a safety guardrail project in their country.
  • Case 4
    Construction Site in Malaysia

Some Domestic Projects

  • Zhengzhou Minquan Highway (Zhengzhou section) 76km
  • Jining Lunan Highway 62km
  • Dan Tong Highway in Dandong City 70km
  • Hangzhou–Ruili Expressway (Hubei Section) 45km
  • Jiaoyang-Lincheng expressway 58km
  • Kuitun-Kelamayi Expressway 120km
  • Jicao Expressway in Shenyang 40km
  • Liaokai Expressway 60km

We also have very strong partnerships with state-owned enterprises for overseas highway projects:
China Railway Construction Corporation Ltd.
China Communication Construction Company Ltd.
China Harbor Engineering Company Ltd.
China Road and Bridge Corporation
China State Construction
Shandong Hi-Speed Group Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Construction Group
Heilongjiang Longjian Road and Bridge Co., Ltd.